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Welcome to FBwiki , the information source on keeping flighted birds that anyone can edit. (Unfortunately, spammers forced me to restrict account creation. Contact me at rex at if you wish to edit pages.)

This website is a [wiki], which means that any member with access to an Internet-connected computer can edit, correct, or improve information throughout the site, simply by clicking the edit tab at the top of each page (with a few minor exceptions, such as protected articles).

The Sandbox is the place to try your hand at editing wiki pages.

[edit] Contents

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What About Those Wings?

History of Wing Clipping


Issues involved with Flighted Birds

Upcoming free flight events

Help! My bird is lost

Individual stories about keeping flighted birds

Happy stories about birds and people




FlightedBirds Survey

Legal issues

Wing loading vs flight speed


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